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No school like the old school!

Dr. Comics received an amazing amount of classic comics reprints this week! Thanks to the efforts of fantastic publishers like Titan, Fantagraphics, IDW, Dark Horse, and Hermes Press, wonderful comics that have not been in circulation for 75+ years are available again for you to enjoy. Many of these books have been scanned from the originals and newly restored in both color and black & white.

Our classic comics section is extensive and glorious! Come check out some of the books that blazed a trail and laid the foundation for the comics you know and love!

Pictured Above:

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century vol. 2: 1933-1937
Popeye vol. 6: “Me Li’l Swee’pea”
Prince Valiant vol.5: 1945-1946
Flash Gordon On the Planet Mongo
Mort Meskin: Out of the Shadows
Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse vol. 3: High Noon at Inferno Gulch
Adventures into the Unknown!
Golden Age Western Comics
Silver Streak Archives vol. 1
The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics! vol. 3: Zombies

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